LSE Capital Limited (LSECL), is a uniquely regulated Islamic Financial Institution, which carries multiple licenses from the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It has the primary license to operate as a Modaraba Management Company, besides being a licensed Consultant to the Issue, enabling it to act as a financial advisor for the IPOs and other corporate fund-raising assignments/mandates. The company primarily focuses on corporate restructuring/rehabilitation transactions through equity capital mobilization and entrepreneurial involvement.

LSECL was originally incorporated as JS Finance Limited during Jan, 1986, with the sponsorship of DCD Investments, UK and Jahangir Siddiqui & Co (JS&Co). In Jul 2007, the company was renamed as BankIslami Modaraba Investments Limited (BIMIL) after the acquisition of its 100% shareholding by BankIslami Pakistan Limited (BPL), a joint venture between Dubai Bank, DCD Group of UK and JS&Co of Pakistan. In 2021, BIMIL’s 100% equity was acquired by the incoming sponsors, who initially renamed the company as AssetPlex Limited, and subsequently changed it to LSE Capital Limited.

LSE Capital Limited is also the majority owner/operator of the country’s only stand-alone multi-assets custodian/trustee company - Digital Custodian Company Limited, as well as the PSX-listed Islamic VC/PE oriented investment fund under the name of Modaraba Al-Mali or MODAM, which onward owns a majority stake in LSE Ventures Limited, the successor company of the erstwhile Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE).