Code of Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct for Members of Board of Directors

All the Directors of the Company are expected to uphold the standards and policies contained in the Code of Conduct by ensuring compliance.
The Code of Conduct requires the Directors to:-

  1. Acquire adequate knowledge about their duties, powers and responsibilities under the relevant law(s) and regulations;
  2. Ensure compliance with the requirements/instructions embodied in all the regulatory enactments, rules & regulations, code of corporate governance and standards;
  3. Set up a high standard of integrity and display prudent attitude in discharge of their duties;
  4. Not to engage in any business transactions which might conflict with the interests of the Company;
  5. Not to deal directly or indirectly in the securities of the Company whether on their own account or their relative’s account, if they are in possession of any un-published price sensitive information concerning the Company. Directors who are in possession of any unpublished price sensitive information shall not communicate directly or indirectly the said information to others who trade on such information; and
  6. Not to directly or indirectly, deal in the shares of the Company, in any manner, during the period the Closed Period.