Code of Corporate Governance

Communication and Disclosure Policy

The Company is committed to the objective of promoting investor confidence and the rights of shareholders by:

  1. a. Complying with the continuous disclosure obligations imposed by law and regulations;
  2. b. Ensuring that company announcements are presented in a factual, clear and balanced way;
  3. c. Ensuring that all security holders have equal and timely access to material information concerning the Company – including its financial position, performance, ownership and governance; and
  4. d. Communicating effectively with security holders and making it easy for them to participate in general meetings.
All directors, officers, employees and consultants must maintain and protect the confidentiality of the Company’s information. Safeguarding the confidentiality of corporate information is important to avoid premature disclosure of price sensitive information. The Company has nominated the following individuals as “Authorised Persons” to manage the Company’s compliance with its disclosure obligations and this policy:
  1. a. The Chief Executive Officer;
  2. b. The Company Secretary; and
  3. c. The Chief Financial Officer.